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Is it the men? enjoys sex the most ?

As las vegas escorts recommend, we measure the enjoyment factors on these bases:-

  • Level of sex drive:- Men have stronger sex drive as compared to women, this is because studies show that men takes less time to get sexually attracted towards any women while due to social, emotional, and other biological factors, it take women more time than men to feel and get sexually attracted to someone.
  • Level of orgasms:- According to studies men have a refractory period, in which his sexual organs get ready for the next bash while women or las vegas call girls can have regular orgasms one after another without any recovery time required.
  • Frequency of orgasm:- even though women have higher and stronger orgasm than men, but studies show that men have orgasm 50% of the time they have sex while women just have 10% of the time having sex, thus women can have regular orgasms but the orgasmic pleasure is less in case of women as compared to men.

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